Using PowerShell To List All The Fonts In A Word Document

 3 years ago
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Using PowerShell To List All The Fonts In A Word Document

Recently I was challenged by a coworker to use PowerShell to list all the fonts in a Word document. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be… but also slower than I thought it would be. Here’s what I came up with.

$Word = New-Object -ComObject Word.Application
$OpenDoc = $Word.Documents.open('c:\temp\test.docx')
$OpenDoc.words | % { $_ | select -ExpandProperty font } | select Name -Unique

There could very well be a better way of doing this but this is what I came up with in a hurry. Line 1 declares a new instance of Word and line 2 opens the document we’re looking at. Then, for each word (which is handily a property of the open word document), we’re expanding the font property and selecting all the unique names of the fonts on line 3. Lines 4 and 5 close the document and quit Word.

So you can get something like this!

Written on October 5, 2016

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