Honorary Scripting Guy Award

 2 years ago
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Honorary Scripting Guy Award

Yesterday, Microsoft’s Ed Wilson announced the Honorary Scripting Guys for 2016. I am honored and very proud to be the newest Honorary Scripting Guy, joining this year’s repeat winners: Sean Kearney, Teresa Wilson, and Will Anderson.

The Hey, Scripting Guy! blog is a resource that was an enormous part of my self-learning journey when I first got started with PowerShell, just as I am sure it was for you. Just having the opportunity to write posts and share information on HSG is a huge privilege. I still find to be a surreal experience every time I see my content go up. My HSG posts are tagged with my name, in case you want to check them out.

Earlier this month, Ed and his wife, Teresa, announced their upcoming retirement in March. I’d like to thank them both so much for their immeasurable, phenomenal contributions to PowerShell and the community. Ed and Teresa, we are going to miss you both tremendously. I hope retirement treats you both excellently, as you more than well deserve.

Written on February 8, 2017

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