The History of Remote Work, 1560-Present (with Infographic) (Updated)

 2 years ago
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The History of Remote Work, 1560-Present (with Infographic) (Updated)

Around the world, more people than ever are engaging in remote work. While the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive migration away from the traditional workplace, the evolution of remote work began long before. From the world’s first offices to the social and technological shifts that spawned a remote revolution, this infographic tells the story.

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Maya Middlemiss
Very interesting overview, thank you for sharing
Zoom has changed my remote working life since I've broken up with Skype!
Ewen Mackenzie
This is awesome! thanks (:
Elizabeth Howell Hanano
Thanks Sysamic! We appreciate you reading.
Thank you for sharing interested article. This article is very helpful and informative.
Elizabeth Howell Hanano
Thanks David! One of the most interesting parts of this history to me is the different technologies that have popped up that allow remote work to be so powerful.
David Towoju
Interesting read
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