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If you are an aspiring a developer or an entrepreneur interested to learn about backend vs frontend, you are in the right place. This blog will help you in learning what front end vs back end is all about. Learn what the technology stacks are and how they come together to build a website , an app, or an IoT solution.


What is Front End Development?

Frontend , also known as “client-side” entices of everything that a website or app user can visually see in their app screen or web browser. In simple terms, everything that you can see on the screen of an app or website is the front end.

What is Back End Development?

Backend , also known as “server-side” entices of the things that happen in the “back” of the system. The servers that store the website, app data, and the mediator between the backend servers and the browser or app, all come under backend. In simple terms, everything that you can’t see on the screen of an app or website is and powers the frontend is backend.

Frontend Vs Backend What’s The Difference?


Frontend Vs Backend What’s The Difference?

Besides the technologies involved, your front end vs back end developer choice depends on what matters to you the most as a developer.

If you start to think that in Back end vs Front end , any one of the two, is superior to the other based on what we talked above, then it’s a false assumption. The two disciplines are very unique and equally important to build a website or application.

It’s just that some people have a natural talent for the visual aspects, while others are good with the logic and technical problem-solving. Apple became what it is because of Steve Jobs (the front-end visionary) as well as Steve Wozniak (the back-end genius).

Frontend, Backend, or Full Stack: What Will You Choose?

If you are a developer, don’t choose your specialty based on what sounds cooler. Do a more detailed analysis and then choose the expertise that interests you the most.

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A Comparison of Backend and Frontend Web Development

By Ellie Windler

A Comparison of Backend and Frontend Web Development

Both Frontend and Backend are equally important to develop a complete website, application, or software. If you want to learn all the differences between frontend and backend development and developers, you should read this blog.

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