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Since past Apple's keynote, where SwiftUI was announced, tons of docs, examples, videos and tutorials have appeared. The goal of this repository is to gather all this information having an unique place where looking for info about SwiftUI.

SwiftUI is an innovative, exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift. Build user interfaces for any Apple device using just one set of tools and APIs. With a declarative Swift syntax that’s easy to read and natural to write, SwiftUI works seamlessly with new Xcode design tools to keep your code and design perfectly in sync. Automatic support for Dynamic Type, Dark Mode, localization, and accessibility means your first line of SwiftUI code is already the most powerful UI code you’ve ever written.


Table of contents

 by Apple

? Beta Software

? Documentation

  • SwiftUI
  • Official doc
    • Essentials
    • User Interface
      • Views and Controls. Present your content onscreen and handle user interactions.
      • View Layout and Presentation. Combine views in stacks, generate groups and lists of views dynamically, and define view presentations and hierarchy.
      • Drawing and Animation. Enhance your views with colors, shapes, and shadows, and customize animated transitions between view states.
      • Framework Integration. Integrate SwiftUI views into existing apps, and embed AppKit, UIKit, and WatchKit views and controllers into SwiftUI view hierarchies.
    • Data and Events
      • State and Data Flow. Control and respond to the flow of data and changes within your app’s models.
      • Gestures. Define interactions from taps, clicks, and swipes to fine-grained gestures.
    • Previews in Xcode
      • Previews. Generate dynamic, interactive previews of your custom views.

? WWDC videos

??‍? Tutorials

? by the community

? Books

? Articles

? Repositories

  • SwiftUI. This is some of the official examples of the SwiftUI layout framework for the full platform of the apple released by WWDC2019 today. I hope to help you understand and learn this new layout framework!
  • SwiftUITodo. An example to-do list app using SwiftUI which is introduced in WWDC19.
  • KeyboardAvoiding. A SwiftUI view that manages a UIViewController that responds to keyboard events with modified additionalSafeAreaInsets.
  • DispatchStore. Swift package that implements an operation based, multi-store à-la Flux for SwiftUI.
  • GitHubSearchWithSwiftUI. SwiftUI based GitHubSearch example.
  • SwiftUI-MovieDB. SwiftUI MovieDB prototype app built with Xcode 11 Beta & macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • WWDCPlayer. ? WWDC19 player using SwiftUI.
  • MyDogs. A simple SwiftUI example for testing Lists, BindableObject, State management and Network.
  • MovieSwiftUI. SwiftUI & Combine app using MovieDB API.
  • SwiftUI-Combine. This is an example project of SwiftUI and Combine using GitHub API.
  • SwiftUITimeTravel. An experimental time traveling state store for SwiftUI.
  • SwiftUI_Jike. SwiftUI imitation app interface (Build Jike App with SwiftUI).
  • 2048. A 2048 game writing with SwiftUI.
  • SwiftUI-Landmarks. Introducing SwiftUI. A declarative way to create User Interfaces with Swift.
  • SwiftUI-Flux. ? This is a tiny experimental application using SwiftUI with Flux architecture.
  • SwiftUI-by-Examples. Examples of new SwiftUI framework.
  • SwiftUICalculator. A calculator app using SwiftUI which is introduced in WWDC19.
  • InstaFake-Swift-UI. Swift UI Demo for an instagram copy.
  • SwiftUITheme. A first idea to style SwiftUI Views.
  • Lists_-_Navigation_SwiftUI. Exploration of Apple Developer's SwiftUI tutorial, detailing how to build lists and enable navigation between views with #SwiftUI.
  • injectable. A micro framework that leverages Swift Property Wrapper to implement the Service Locator pattern.
  • NetworkImage.swift. Basic NetworkImage support for SwiftUI via Kingfisher
  • SwiftUI-Combine-todo-example. A to-do list app using SwiftUI and combine with restful api.
  • Bindings.swift. Re-implementation of @binding and @State (from SwiftUI) myself to better understand it.
  • Contacts.swift
  • vinhnx/CombineUnsplash Exploring SwiftUI + Combine + Result by using Unsplash API, with detailed code explaination

? Videos

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