The Chartmaker Directory: Data visualizations in every tool

 5 years ago
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Working with a new data visualization tool, and wondering how to create a specific type of chart? The Chartmaker Directory (designed by Andy Kirk ) indexes more than 35 tools and over 50 charts, and provides links to examples from each combination. Here's an intentionally small detail from the index, where each hollow dot in a column represents a sample chart created a tool (the rightmost column is R, for example), and solid dots also include code. 


The visualization tools include applications like Excel, Power BI and Tableau; languages and libraries including R, Stata, and Python's matplotlib); and frameworks like D3. The data visualizations range from the standard to the esoteric, and follow the taxonomy of the book Data Visualisation (also by Andy Kirk). The chart categories are color coded by row: categorical (including bar charts, dot plots); hierarchical (donut charts, treemaps); relational (scatterplots, sankey diagrams); temporal (line charts, stream graphs) and spatial (choropleths, cartograms). 

Follow the link below to explore the indexed tools and visualization. If you know of an example or solution that isn't listed, you can contribute your own links by clicking the plus sign in the top left of the index.

Visualizing Data: The Chartmaker Directory

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