What is AWS lambda?

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Aws Lambda is a compute service, with this you can run the code without servers. It runs the code when it needed, measures automatically in few seconds. It charges only when you run the code, when your code is not running it wont charge. You can code on any type of application with Zero administration. It runs your code with compute Infrastructure. It performs each administration of the compute resources that includes server and operating system maintenance and many more. Everything you need is to submit your code, to Lambda this code may be in Java, Node. Js and Python. Lambda was announced in 2014. Formore Information about AWS lambda

Why AWS lambda is used? Specifically lambda can used in many use cases. It is easy to start and run with low price. Unique to less traffic applications, company IT services. In the same way Other uses of Lambda include analyzing data on the projects that uploaded to S3. Therefore this will check the availability and health of other projects as soon as possible. Take your career to new heights of success with a AWS Online Training



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