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IDAConnect is a collaborative reverse engineering plugin for IDA Pro and Hex-Rays. It allows to connect multiple instances of IDA using the asynchronous programming paradigm at the core of Twisted, the event-driven networking engine.

The main features of IDAConnect are:

  • recording user interactions and events;
  • syncing multiple databases in real-time;
  • replaying of previously recorded events;
  • loading and saving databases to a server;
  • live and interactive IDA status bar widget;
  • and even more...


This project is under active development. Feel free to send a PR if you would like to help! :-)

It is not really usable in its current state, please stayed tuned for a first release of the project!


Install the IDAConnect client into the IDA plugins folder.

  • Copy the contents of the plugin folder to the IDA plugins folder.
    • On Windows, the folder is at C:\Program Files\IDA 7.0\plugins
    • On MacOS, the folder is at /Applications/IDA\ Pro\ 7.0/idaq.app/Contents/MacOS/plugins
    • On Linux, the folder may be at /opt/IDA/plugins/
  • Install the requirements using pip and the requirements.txt file.

Warning: The plugin is only compatible with IDA Pro 7.0 on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Launch the IDAConnect server located in the server folder after installing its requirements.


IDAConnect loads automatically when IDA is opened, installing a handful of menu entries into the user interface.

First use the widget in the status bar to connect to the server. Then you will be able to access the following menus:

- File --> Open from server
- File --> Save to server


This project is inspired by Sol[IDA]rity. It started after contacting its authors and asking if it was ever going to be released to the public. Lighthouse source code was also carefully studied to understand how to write better IDA plugins.

Thanks to Quarkslab for allowing this release.



If you have any questions not worthy of a bug report, feel free to ping us at #idaconnect on Freenode and ask away. Click here to connect.

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