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source link: https://github.com/juliosueiras/vim-terraform-completion
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(Neo)Vim Terraform Completion with Linter - Demos

IMPORTANT: This plugin now allow version based completion


Provider Versions

Community Provider Versions

Terraform Module is supported(though there might be bugs)


Block Completions

(R) for Require , (O) for Optional and (B) for Block



Require +ruby or +ruby/dyn for vim & json gem for ruby as well

Snippets completion is done through <C-X><C-K>


NeoBundle 'hashivim/vim-terraform'
NeoBundle 'vim-syntastic/syntastic'
NeoBundle 'juliosueiras/vim-terraform-completion'


Plug 'hashivim/vim-terraform'
Plug 'vim-syntastic/syntastic'
Plug 'juliosueiras/vim-terraform-completion'

Minimal Configuration

" Minimal Configuration
set nocompatible
syntax on
filetype plugin indent on

call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')

" (Optinal) for Tag Sidebar
" Plug 'majutsushi/tagbar'

Plug 'hashivim/vim-terraform'
Plug 'vim-syntastic/syntastic'
Plug 'juliosueiras/vim-terraform-completion'
call plug#end()

" Syntastic Config
set statusline+=%#warningmsg#
set statusline+=%{SyntasticStatuslineFlag()}
set statusline+=%*

let g:syntastic_always_populate_loc_list = 1
let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list = 1
let g:syntastic_check_on_open = 1
let g:syntastic_check_on_wq = 0

" (Optional)Remove Info(Preview) window
set completeopt-=preview

" (Optional)Hide Info(Preview) window after completions
autocmd CursorMovedI * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif
autocmd InsertLeave * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif

" (Optional) Enable terraform plan to be include in filter
let g:syntastic_terraform_tffilter_plan = 1

" (Optional) Default: 0, enable(1)/disable(0) plugin's keymapping
let g:terraform_completion_keys = 1

" (Optional) Default: 1, enable(1)/disable(0) terraform module registry completion
let g:terraform_registry_module_completion = 0

Deoplete config

put this in your init.vim

let g:deoplete#omni_patterns = {}
let g:deoplete#omni_patterns.terraform = '[^ *\t"{=$]\w*'
let g:deoplete#enable_at_startup = 1
call deoplete#initialize()

NOTE: For newer version of deoplete if the above doesn't work

let g:deoplete#omni_patterns = {}

call deoplete#custom#option('omni_patterns', {
\ 'complete_method': 'omnifunc',
\ 'terraform': '[^ *\t"{=$]\w*',

call deoplete#initialize()

Version config file

by default , all providers uses the latest version, but you can add a file call .tfcompleterc under working directory, and content can be this:


using the syatax of <provider>=<version>


Community Providers

By default no community providers is enable, to use one, first refer to COMMUNITY_PROVIDER_VERSIONS.md , then add a .tfcompleterc to your current working dir , for ex. to use Generic REST Api Provider, the .tfcompleterc would look like


Specific Providers

Google Beta Provider

To use completion for google beta provider, please use .tfcompleterc and put google=beta_<version>

General Todo


NOTE: enabling deep check for tflint can be a bit slow

NOTE: To use tffilter please add export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/this/plugin/bin to your bashrc or zshrc

Demo of the linter

Todo for Terraform completion


Todo for HCL

  • Add Completion for hcl
  • Completion for Sublock(Indicate by Type(B) )

Todo for Improvement

  • Add Travis-CI for testing, and ensuring the completion is outputing the right completion
  • Look into the new module registry (Now support module name completion)
  • Add config for allowing multiple version for providers




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