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 5 years ago
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Universal HTTP Testing Tool
Apply product flexibility and broad feature set to test any type of web application
Advanced Support for Web APIs and Services
Take advantage of the exceptional support for testing web APIs and RESTful web services
Practical and Easy to Use
Intuitive test management tools, completely codeless tests, tips and wizards, concise documentation
Lightweight and Efficient
Small installation size, clean and responsive user interface, resource efficient
Completely Standalone
No account required, no cloud communication or storage, all features work offline
Free Edition and Lifetime License
Completely free Express Edition, no upgrade costs for Professional Edition
Request Chaining
Create batches of connected requests to completely automate REST API or website workflow
Response Data Validation
Define response data validation rules and use operators to create logical expressions
Standard Collection of REST Methods
Select among common methods used with RESTful web services or specify custom verbs
Global Parameters
Define parameters with global values for data reuse across multiple web API or website requests
Multi-Value Parameters
Declare parameters with multiple values to test API or website with all possible data variations
Comprehensive Data Upload Support
Post data of various content types to thoroughly test HTML forms and file uploads
Request Data Builder
Parse existing HTML content to accelerate building of request body for posting website forms
Powerful Execution Capabilities
Execute request items in desired order with progress monitoring and pause/resume capabilities
Response Data Viewers
Work with pretty viewers for XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and other web data formats
Execution Groups and Conditional Execution
Create groups for advanced execution scenarios, including conditional execution
Authentication and Authorization
Specify credentials or obtain authorization from authentication providers
Web Application Load
Use parameters and multiple HttpMaster instances to apply load to your web application
Command Line Interface
Utilize command line interface to automate execution of HttpMaster projects
OpenAPI Import
Import OpenAPI (Swagger) data to easily create HttpMaster project for your REST API
Curl Commands
Prepare Curl commands from project request items
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