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 4 years ago
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Yii PHP Framework has adopted AMQP Interop.

Great News! Queue Interop is one step closer to PHP world domination. (:


Yii PHP Framework is the first of major frameworks that has placed a bet on AMQP Interop. A corresponding pull request “Add AMQP interop based driver.” has been merged to yiisoft/yii2-queue repository.

Let’s celebrate it!

So now, The yii2-queue package provides AMQP based driver that could work with any interop compatible transport. For example: enqueue/amqp-lib, enqueue/amqp-ext or enqueue/amqp-bunny. It is worth mentioning that It supports a bunch of nice features such as message delaying, prioritized queues, retries etc.

This is very good news for both communities: they benefit from our code and experience, and they will help us spread our ideas.

I would love to see Symfony, Laravel, Zend joining us too. We can achieve more together than on our own.

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