Corporate tourism in NYC by a charter bus

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Corporate tourism in NYC by a charter bus

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Corporate rest is important in the life of every team. This is an effective and efficient way to unite the team, as well as distract from the daily tasks of each employee.

In this way, you can discuss work issues or get to know each other better.

Usual office life is not conducive to rapprochement and the establishment of good, trusting relationships. In such a situation, it will be difficult to talk about a qualitative result, which will be the fruit of solidarity. All this can only be achieved through informal communication.

Corporate parties no longer attract business owners and their employees. Sitting in the hall of the restaurant is not interesting, exciting, or capable of evoking emotions. Now corporate excursions are at the peak of popularity, because it is this type of vacation that can truly inspire and unite the team. Imagine how many positive emotions you can get in one trip. In this case, aesthetic pleasure is closely intertwined with the effect of novelty. It should be noted that today’s tourist market is rich in offers.

The best way to travel with a team is to use the BCS Bus Charter. With charter bus rental services, all your colleagues and employees will fit in one bus. Besides, they will travel with comfort and arrive at the appointed place on time.

Thanks to corporate excursions, employee loyalty to management will increase significantly. A trip can give you a lot of pleasant memories, because you can see interesting places without having to wait for a vacation. Many managers offer their employees the chance to involve the whole family in such leisure. Tours can last a few hours, the whole day, or the whole weekend. It all depends on the range, content, and desires of the group itself.

A corporate tour in its essence may not differ in any way from a regular group trip, but the result of the efforts made will be completely different.

Joint sightseeing is a serious contribution to a good and proper atmosphere in the team. Experience shows that this practice is very effective. 

New York, a stunning city on the East Coast of the United States. The city that never sleeps often appears on the screens of everyone’s favourite films, from which you can understand how beautiful New York is.

It is for this reason that your corporate trip on a charter rental bus will be unforgettable! You will be able to move with your entire team around the beautiful city with comfort and convenience. Professional drivers will ensure your complete safety and give you confidence that you will arrive on time. 

New York is not just the name of a metropolis, it is a place where a variety of cultures and architectures merge. Countless galleries, museums, theatres, parks, restaurants, and sights attract visitors every year. 

Below you will find several cultural and entertainment places worth visiting with your corporate tour on a rented bus charter.

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge is the most beautiful, oldest, and most iconic, bridge in the world. There are many epithets for it, but it’s better to just take it and walk along it. Bridges in New York are generally a separate category of attractions.
  2. There are many more observation decks in New York than you can imagine. With the rental bus, your group will be able to visit as many of them as possible! For example, we advise you Edge. It is located in Rockefeller Center. This is one of New York’s most popular attractions and offers stunning views of Manhattan.

    At night or in the evening, you will be able to see the countless glittering skyscrapers and billboards of New York, which also makes visiting the observation deck attractive.

  3. Of course, in New York, you can’t miss Times Square! It is without a doubt one of the most famous places in the city. Times Square is the heart of Manhattan. There is always something going on there, even during the day it is interesting to watch a lot of people and cars. But it shows his charm to the fullest in the evening and at night. That’s when the LED advertising spaces glow.
  4. Hudson Yards Vessel is a special designer staircase that anyone can walk along absolutely free of charge. This staircase looks really unique. You can take unusual photos or climb to the top of the stairs. The symmetrical steel structure, connected to the intertwined segments of the stairs, attracts tourists from all over the world to walk the distance of about a mile. By the way, if this is too tiring for you, you can take the elevator.

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May 25, 2023

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