GPU dev environments that just work

 1 year ago
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Practical AI – Episode #208

GPU dev environments that just work

with Nader Khalil, co-founder and CEO of brev.dev

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Creating and sharing reproducible development environments for AI experiments and production systems is a huge pain. You have all sorts of weird dependencies, and then you have to deal with GPUs and NVIDIA drivers on top of all that! brev.dev is attempting to mitigate this pain and create delightful GPU dev environments. Now that sounds practical!


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  • Use coupon code “practical-ai-2023” for 5 hours of free GPU compute!
  • brev.dev doesn’t offer credits often, so the credit redemption button is hidden by default. Go to this link to expose the button.


1 00:00


2 00:45

Welcome to Practical AI

3 01:20

Nader Khalil

4 07:56

Dependency issues

5 10:22

Stepping away from the classical approach

6 13:55

Getting excited about Brev.dev

7 18:14

Multi-cloud considerations

8 24:57

Brev.dev Templates

9 31:16

Collaboration with Brev

10 32:59

Brev in private environments

11 35:30

Nader's future

12 39:05



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