Meike releases $160 Canon EF to Nikon Z adapter for the truly brand agnostic amo...

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Meike releases $160 Canon EF to Nikon Z adapter for the truly brand agnostic among us

September 23, 2022

Meike, a manufacturer of photo and video gear like lenses, lighting, and adapters, has announced the Meike MK-EFTZ-B autofocus mount adapter to use Canon EF/EF-S lenses on Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.

The adapter supports full autofocus functionality and includes a built-in electronic contact to allow full aperture control via your Z camera body. There’s also a dial on the adapter itself that allows you to adjust the aperture. Thanks to the electronic contacts, the adapter also supports EXIF data recording.


Constructed from metal, the adapter promises reliable dust and water resistance. It weighs only 87g (3.1 oz.) and adds 28.3mm (1.1″) of total length to your lens. If it’s like Meike’s other AF adapters, the new one should support full automatic exposure, auto aperture, and optical image stabilization. The Meike MK-EFTZ-B adapter is available to order now for $159.99.


The adapter joins numerous other adapters in Meike’s lineup, including the MK-EFTR-C drop-in filter mount adapter for EF to R, the Meike Adapter for Cine Lens, MK-EFTR-A autofocus adapter for EF-S to EOS-R, the MK-EFTR-B control ring adapter for EF/EF-S to EOS-R and more. Earlier this year, Meike announced the EF to EF-M adapter that includes a drop-in variable neutral density filter slot. You can check out Meike’s full catalog of adapters here. The new MK-EFTZ-B is Meike’s first adapter designed for the Nikon Z mirrorless system.

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Source: Dpreview

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