SMS Marketing Templates & Text Editor

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SMS Marketing Templates & Text Editor

The free tool for people interested in trying SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the fastest-rising trend in ecommerce. This tool will show you just how simple SMS marketing can be.Click any template to copy it in your clipboard. Customize your template in our Text Editor. Preview exactly what your SMS contacts will see.
Intelligent data import, embedded right into your product

8 in 10 online shoppers said they're enrolled in at least one text marketing program today (Attentive, 2022) but many ecommerce brands are still hesitant about adding SMS to their repertoire. This is why we created our free Interactive SMS Marketing tool – to show just how simple it is to craft text messages and send to your SMS contacts.

We also included more than 60 templates that can be fully customized and personalized in our Text Editor. This allows you to preview exactly what your SMS contacts will see when they're sent offers from your brand.

Finally, we broke up our templates by the most widely-used SMS marketing categories, such as abandoned cart savers, post-purchase texts, back-in-stock offers, and so on. This way, you know exactly which template to apply to which campaign.

If you've ever thought about giving SMS marketing a try, visit our free tool first and get a feel for it!

These templates are gold!

For brands without SMS in their marketing stack, this is the perfect starting point to be up and running in minutes with Privy.

For SMBs using Klaviyo, perfect time to make the switch and try these templates in minutes.

Congrats on the launch!

@kevinnatanzon Nail on the head! Appreciate the Upvote and review, Kevin 🙏
Find your favorite template, make edits to fit your brand and message (even add personalization token), then simply copy and paste into your SMS provider, that's how easy this is. We're taking the creative hassle out of trying the fastest growing sales channel for ecommerce businesses. No reason to wait to try SMS now.

SMS doesn't need to be intimidating!

- So many templates - Easy to customize - Reach the RIGHT audience

Great for the SMB that is ready to grow, without the cost of a marketing agency

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