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 3 months ago
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Question Help with Lenovo Legion Y90 (L71061)


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Jun 9, 2022
I bought the Y90 from Aliexpress and was assured the device will come with google play services and google play.
I understand the phone is a china ROM and I checked the bands for Australia and it seemed that it would work.

After receiving the phone, I tried to add my google account to the phone to begin to import my saved data and download apps.

However, all I get is "Couldn't Sign in there was a problem communicating with google servers try again later".

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (it is my first post) but this was the best place i could find with regard to lenovo china ROM related queries.

Also, is it possible to install a different ROM on this phone? (I've seen that a global ROM is generally required to install custom ROMS. I'm also a noob with this stuff so be nice)

Thank you!


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Jun 20, 2022

I also have the y90 after I recieved from china, I updated it and google play service stopped working.
I can try to send you the my gdrive link below: You can download from there and try installing the framework(google services apk) and install google playstore direct from the app gallery provided with legion y90 china.
you can also find the google services apk on uptodown.com website, I downloaded it from there.

First you need to remove the google play store and google play services from the app management in settings (clear storage and clear cache before uninstalling the google playstore and google services).

Then download the google services apk from my link and install the services then install the google playstore.

Enjoy your Legion y90.

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