Drones to deliver needle-free insulin injectors to Ukraine’s conflict zones

 10 months ago
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Drones to deliver needle-free insulin injectors to Ukraine’s conflict zones

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With diabetes patients in Ukraine’s conflict zones cut off from insulin supplies, drones are being roped in to deliver life-saving medication to the people who need it the most.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are more than 2.3 million people with diabetes in Ukraine, i.e., over 7% of the population. Of these, many are Type 1 diabetics that need daily doses of insulin to survive. But as a recent CNN report points out, attempts to send crucial supplies to conflict zones have been unsuccessful.

This is why Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU), a nonprofit dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine, has now decided to use Canada-made delivery drones to supply needle-free injection devices to the country’s most dangerous and hard-to-reach areas.

Pre-loaded with insulin, each injector can be used 5,000 times without the risk of needle-stick injury or cross-contamination. These “InsuJet” injection devices are developed by NuGen Medical Devices. They have been approved by Health Canada and hold a CE Mark as well.

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The delivery drones, meanwhile, are manufactured by Draganfly and can carry up to 35 pounds of medical supplies. Payloads can be mounted either on the top or bottom, depending on whether ease of access or quick-release mechanism is a priority for the recipient.

Draganfly’s collaboration with RSU has been in the works for a while now. The Canadian manufacturer has donated three drone systems for the medical response and rehabilitation of injured Ukrainian troops. And through its channel partner Coldchain Delivery Systems, the drone maker has also received an order to provide at least 10 drone units to RSU. The insulin delivery project will make use of the first delivery drones that reach Ukraine.

We are pleased to share that @NuGenMD and @DraganflyInc are working to transport insulin to Ukrainian type 1 diabetics in dire need of medical support. Donate to the DroneAid campaign today to make a difference: https://t.co/TPHpve2xfi$NGMD $DPRO #Insulin4Ukraine #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/qmGhYbCR3N

— Kin Communications (@kincomm) May 12, 2022

As Michael Wright, president and CEO of NuGen Medical Devices, sums up:

Since tragedy struck Ukraine, we have been looking for ways to help. We are grateful to be working with Draganfly, Coldchain Delivery Systems, and RSU to ensure Ukrainians in need have access to crucial medical supplies and equipment.

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