Binance Launchpad or BoostX? Launchpads with potential

 2 years ago
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Binance Launchpad or BoostX? Launchpads with potential


Crypto enthusiasts know that the best chance to make money from crypto is by investing in projects and coins while they are in the presale stages before their potential price explosions. This has more investors pay the least amount as the price is only volatile after launch. This way they can grow with the coin and project, watching it develop and rise. 

As launchpads have become more popular over the recent years, they are one of the most efficient ways to make money in crypto as they allow users to invest in the newer projects that have entered the market. BoostX and Binance Launchpad are two of the best in the market, but which one is right for you? 


One of the launchpads available for creators is BoostX as it allows users to participate in DeFi projects that use multichain technology. This is a vital selling point for BoostX as other launchpads are blockchain specific. 

Offering the most to its users, from expert information and holding the most diverse range of features, BoostX is a great way to explore start-up projects to invest in. Being one of the most unique in the market, BoostX attracts investors because it stands out. Some of its features include; curated tokens, unique presales, dynamic dashboards, and high-quality projects.

Not only does BoostX provide various features for its users, but also provides a safer way for users to invest their money. 


Binance Launchpad

One of the first and largest launchpads in the market, Binance Launchpad is built on the Binance Smart Chain and uses a tier-based system allowing users to stake their Binance coins to earn a lottery ticket. The Binance Launchpad grants its users the chance to be a part of game-changing projects within the market by offering a project’s tokens to up to more than 10 million Binance users.

Nevertheless, Binance Launchpad is much more than a platform offering tokens as it also includes an educational service providing its users with insights and information. Focusing heavily on helping their projects develop their product and increase adoption, similar to BoostX. 

Being reliable and used to the market, its users can trust this platform with their funds as well as the projects that Binance supports. 

So, which one is best for you?

Both BoostX and Binance Launchpad share similarities in the fact that they both have an informative service to help their users. Yet, they differ from each other majorly. Where BoostX has various features and is diverse in itself, Binance Launchpad offers tokens to its users and has been around for much longer. 

Although both of these launchpads can provide everything you need as a user and investor, BoostX is a lot more diverse which plays a large role in its success and what it can do for its users. Already rising in the crypto space, it seems to only go further up.

Get researching into the upcoming projects and invest in those presales if you want to make the most out of them! 


Website: https://www.boostx.finance

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