Figma Config 2022: What new feature are you most excited to try?

 1 month ago
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Figma Config 2022: What new feature are you most excited to try?

Michael Silber
2d ago
8 replies

Lots of really cool new features already announced during the opening keynote of Figma's Config event today (it's still happening here if you want to check out other sessions). Which ones are the Product Hunt community most excited about?

I left out a few of the pro/org/beta features since I can only include 10 in a poll (password protection, review states for branching, int'l keyboard shortcuts), but let me know if you're excited by those too!

FigJam widgets
Widget Code Generator plugin
Auto layout
Variable font
Outline mode
Individual strokes
Spring animations
Component properties
Dark mode


Senior Product Designer at Product Hunt
Really like the extra preset animations, this will level up prototyping a lot. Big runners up to negative auto-layout spacing too!
Community/Social @ Product Hunt
The more intuitive auto-layout features look really great, but most excited to play with the new FigJam Widgets! 🥳
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
I'm excited for Auto layout. I enjoy working with auto layout in Swift UI, and designed based on constraints makes it a lot easier to create responsive designs.
Product Owner at Expressive Suite
Component properties are what I was waiting for, and Auto-layout improvements are really welcome as well.
@specifyapp・Design API・meow.ph/specify
It was challenging to design a product with a dark color theme in Figma without dark mode. Hope it will inspire more teams to support dark mode, too. 🙌
Product designer + personal finance nerd

SO many cool updates, sooo stoked for better autolayout - especially with negative values and more granular alignments!

I feel like it's my annual "Figma-OS upgrade" to catch up on the updates 😂

I am the Product Owner @ BRAVO!
It's great that the Figma team is listening to their user base and implementing new features based upon popular demand. It lends itself to a better platform, one that's fueled by what their customers really want. I'm most looking forward to auto layout in Figma.
Founder @ ReSkript
The updated auto-layout feature looks much more intuitive!

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