Duel of Sword

 2 years ago
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The game is through the distance between the two sides to judge the melee long-range.

The game is divided into physical strength and internal strength, physical strength is the first to be empty to judge the negative. Internal strength grows with time, attacking, dodging, bursting gas, etc. will consume internal strength, if internal strength is depleted will produce a breach, waiting for the opponent may be endless rush of disability.
And swordplay is based on the trajectory of the sword swing and whether it can hit the enemy's body to judge, different attack direction will also bring different attack effects.

The game provides an eight-way sliding attack, a closing sword state and a jumping state as the start of a melee attack, and each direction can be set up as a separate combo for subsequent follow-up attacks. The release of the moves is also based on the direction of the sword attack action to slide, the direction of the sword in the hands of the character is the same as the direction of the player.

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