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 5 months ago
source link: https://www.deta.sh/
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Get your Python & Node.js apps / APIs on the internet in seconds. Learn more →

  • 🚀   Deploy in seconds.
  • 🌍   Unlimited apps & APIs.
  • 📈   Highly scalable.
  • 🔑   Built-in API-Key auth & Cron.
from fastapi import FastAPI

app = FastAPI()

def hello():
    return "Hello from my Deta Micro"
$  deta new
$  Deploying ⠝
$  Successfully created a Deta Micro.
$  https://hello.deta.dev/
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Deta Base is a super easy to use production-grade NoSQL database that comes with unlimited storage. Learn more →

  • ☂️   Easy to use API.
  • 🏁   Super fast & highly scalable.
  • 📈   Unlimited databases.
  • 👀   Graphical UI.
from deta import Base

fleet = Base("fleet")  # name your Base

fleet.put({"name": "Geordi", "cto": True, "key": "1"})

fleet.get("1")  # get item by key

fleet.fetch()  # list all items

fleet.update({"name": "Geordi La Forge", "key": "1"})

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The easy to use cloud storage solution by Deta – get 10GB for free. Learn more →

  • 🕶️   Easy to use API.
  • ⚡️   Super fast & highly scalable.
  • 💾   Unlimited drives.
  • 🎁   10GB per account for free.
from deta import Drive

files = Drive("invoices")  # name your Drive

files.put("invoice.pdf", path="./invoice.pdf")

files.get("invoice.pdf")  # get file by name

files.list()  # list all files in a drive


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