Podcast 399: Zero to MVP without provisioning a database

 9 months ago
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se-stackoverflow December 10, 2021

Podcast 399: Zero to MVP without provisioning a database

Obsessing about the daily lives of developers pays off.

Ben and Ceora talk with Sam Lambert, former VP of Engineering at Github, now CEO of PlanetScale, a serverless database platform for developers. Sam tells Ben and Ceora how obsessing over the daily lives of developers helps PlanetScale deliver a product developers love to use.

Episode notes:

PlanetScale is built on Vitess, the open-source database clustering system that runs at colossal scale hosting YouTube, Slack, and GitHub.

A familiar theme: Big cloud companies aren’t set up for independent developers. Sam and Ceora discuss how serverless can get projects—even businesses—up and running quickly.

Choosing the stack for a new business? Tools like Netlify can scale with your product, so you don’t have to change your architecture as you evolve.

Staging environments should be a thing of the past. That’s why PlanetScale enables database branching.

And finally, a question from Law Stack Exchange: Can satellite images be copyrighted?


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