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 1 year ago
source link: https://github.com/zhoubin-me/lushi_script
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This script is to save your time from Mercenaries mode of Hearthstone. Currently only support H1-2 map.


  • Support selection of heros
  • Use config files
  • Support early stop once collected rewards from stranger
  • Fixed problem caused by ice wall from rewards
  • Fixed problem caused by blue portal, boom, etc
  • Support English
  • Support more resolution
  • Support more maps
  • Support multi-round battle skill selection


  • Currently only support Simplified Chinese
  • Make sure you save your config.txt in 'utf-8' format


Make sure you installed python>=3.6. To install python, we recommand Anaconda. Make sure you added python path into your $PATH system environment/variables

Run the following in your commandline/terminal

pip install opencv-python numpy pyautogui pillow pywin32

If you need stable version, goto Release to download. If you wanna test latest version, download the main branch.

In your commandline/terminal, CD to lushi_script folder, run the following

python lushi.py 

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