Save $70 on a lifetime subscription to this app that helps you beat writer’s blo...

 2 years ago
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Save $70 on a lifetime subscription to this app that helps you beat writer’s block

Save $70 on a lifetime subscription to this app that helps you beat writer’s block

Ask any writer what the hardest part of writing is and they’ll likely tell you that it’s the act of starting. It’s not coming up with a plot, nor fleshing out characters, nor planning an elaborate setting. It’s putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, and begin churning out a story.

A huge part of the reason why it’s hard to begin writing is because of the infamous writer’s block. You get stuck without even starting anything, leaving you feeling like you’ve lost your creative power. There are plenty of techniques to get over writer’s block, but one of the most effective methods is writing prompts. These are topics that elicit your creative juices and offer inspiration so you can get things going.

Daily Prompt is an app that helps thousands of authors improve their writing skills through a library of writing prompts. If you feel like you’ve run out of fresh ideas, just hop on the app, and it will provide a new prompt personalized to you.

Designed to make writing easier, Daily Prompt delivers the inspiration you need to build your writing streak and get your creativity flowing. Continuous use will have you writing thousands of words in just the first month. Aside from prompts, you can request feedback on specific areas of your writing like plot development and setting and gain access to writing tips from established authors. You can also connect and engage with fellow writers, and even join competitions where you can win prize money and detailed feedback.

“Daily Prompt has been super helpful with getting my stories out there. And now, I can set a goal for myself to write a little something every day,” says user Valery Worth. You can try it for yourself by picking up a lifetime subscription. Usually retailing for $94, you can get it on sale for only $23.99 with the code VIP40.

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