399: Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

 1 year ago
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399: Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

This week, we talk about how the framework Strong Opinions, Weakly Held can be used to effectively critique visual design. In The Sidebar, we recap Google I/O 2021, discussing our favorite announcements, Material You, and the wild future of computers.

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Follow up:

  • Sam Chang tweeted: Curious how y’all feel about design folks who are curious and interested in non-design side projects. Would that also stand out to you?
    • It depends! But it’s also your life, your website – certain things will just be more relevant than others in a job context.
  • Apple previews AssistiveTouch, an awesome new set of accessibility tools for the Apple Watch.

Main Topic:

This week, Yu Zhao asks on GitHub: How to develop "strong opinion weakly held" for visual design critique?

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