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source link: https://github.com/Minhluu2911/BASIC_Machine_Learning_2_months
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BASIC Machine Learning 2 months

I'm challenging to myself to learn Machine Learning Algorithms, as much as I can within 2 months rage

Managing the python environment

  • I'm recommend you using Anaconda to manage your python environment. It's very easy to use and handle.
  • Here is my quick guide to manage your environment point_rightHow to use Anaconda

Some Algorithm that I think I will cover:

The list will be updated and added additional algorithm in the progress when I learning.

  • Getting familiar with:
    • Numpy.
    • Pandas
    • Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
  • Supervised Learning
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • K-Nearest Neighbor
    • Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • Unsupervised Learning
    • K-Means

A little bit change of my view (I hope that you spend a little bit time to read it)

  • I have received some advices from my teacher so I think that I will change a little bit my point of view:
    • Firstly, my target of this repo is that I want to implement the algorithm from the scratch by myself If I can in order to understand thoroughly so it cost me a lot of time to do this. On the other side that I also must to handle my schoolwork in the university because it's quite heavy in this semester and I do not want drop it out. cry. I decide to cut back on some part that I think we must spend a lot of time to understand it in in detail and add some fundamental parts to get familiar with machine learning.
    • Secondly, I think that learning is the long-term road, especially machine learning is not an easy bite so I do not want to do it as the fast food and try to equip for myself a strong foundation for the future. My plan is I will divide this into 3 parts: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
      • In basic, I try to get familiar with machine learning tools and basic term so that when I go deeper I will not be frustrated or discouraged. Solving many small problems that make us flexible and confidence after knowing how to use it and when to use it.
      • When you have familiar, then in the intermediate and advance it quite not difficult as it is.
  • I'm very sorry about the change of my view might cause inconvenience for people who have been following me. However, I think this is the best way for both of me and you in the long road.

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