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Bad Apple printed out on the console with Python!


A word of disclaimer, while the final code is somewhat original, this project is an amalgamation of different code snippets that I found online. As the main YouTube Video begins to gain traction, I feel the need to inform the audience that this code is NOT ENTIRELY ORIGINAL.

The concept of playing Bad Apple!! on a Command Line Interface (CLI) is not a novel idea and I am definitely not the first.

There are many iterations and versions around YouTube and I wanted to give it a shot. The intent of posting the video on YouTube was to show a few friends of a simple weekend project that I whipped up in Python.

My own video can be found here.

Running this code

Thanks to TheHusyin for adding a requirements.txt file for easier installs.

First, ensure that you set your terminal to the directory of this repository.

cd bad-apple

Install the necessary dependencies and packages by using:

pip install -r requirements.txt

And to run the code:

python touhou_bad_apple_v2.py

And just follow the on-screen prompts.

Performance optimizations

Currently, my implementation of a rudimentary static time.sleep() function results in an incremental error over time. This thus leads to the frame accucracy drifting.

I am also looking into improving frame extraction and generation times.

Current known issues and bugs

Despite being a somewhat simple program, my crappy implementation has led to a lot of unresovled bugs and issues. I am currently looking at fixing some of them.

  1. block=False is not supported in Linux

I am currently trying to find alternatives to the playsound library. Using two different threads is not an option currently as I was running into desynchronization issues.

This issue has been fixed in v3, alongside other performance improvements.

  1. No such file or directory: 'ExtractedFrames/BadApple_1.jpg'

Not really sure how this is happening, but will be looking into fixing it. I was unable to replicate the error but I assume it is due to my botchy implementation of file directories for the assets.

Version descriptor

  1. touhou_bad_apple_v1.py

First rudimentary version that accomplishes basic frame extraction and animation. Utilizes threads, but suffers from heavy synchronization issues.

  1. touhou_bad_apple_v2.py

Extended version that includes a "GUI", some basic file I/O. Suffers from slight synchronization issues. Core program logic was completed in 24 hours with some minor tweaks and comments afterwards.

  1. touhou_bad_apple_v3.py

Current development version. Improved frame time delay and better file I/O. Looking to implement threading to expedite frame extraction and ASCII conversion.


The main functions will be listed here.


Reads the files from the previously generated ASCII .txt files and prints it out onto the console.


Plays the bad apple audio track.

progress_bar(current, total, barLength=25)

A simple progress bar function that generates the status of both frame extraction and ASCII frame generation. This code was taken from a StackOverflow thread.

current is the current value/progress of the process.

total is the desired/intended end value of the process.

barLength=25 sets the length of the progress bar. (Default is 25 characters)

ASCII Frame generation

Not a particular function, but a group of functions.




These functions are called in the ascii_generator() function to convert image files to ASCII format and stores them into .txt files.

Note that the ASCII conversion code is not original, and was taken from here.

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