Downloading an application of different versions to the Apple App Store

 1 year ago
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Downloading an application of different versions to the Apple App Store


I have made several xcode versions for different sizes on the iphone (iphone4,iphone5, iphone6, iphone 6+, all which have different storyboards, due to the different sizes. Due to the complexity of my app I wasnt able to do constraints. Is there any way I can upload different versions of my app for different platforms on the app store?

For example, I want to upload my Xcode project for iphone4 to the app store, so that it is available for people with iphone4, and I want to upload my other Xcode project for iphone5 to the app store, so that it is available for those with iphone5.. and so on.

Thank you. This is the first time I have ever uploaded an app to the Apple app store so any help would be greatly appreciate.

One suggestion, for that problem you can use the new "size classes" in xcode 6. I recommend you watch the WWDC video and read this document. Doing that you only have to have one app.


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