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原文: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=AutoSave 

最近发现Unity老有自动崩溃的BUG。 每次崩溃的时候由于项目没有保存所以Hierarchy视图游戏对象与游戏资源的关系就会丢失。所以想到自动保存场景。  本来想自己写一个这样的脚本,但是发现维基百科上已经有了。。。

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System;
public class AutoSave : EditorWindow {
    private bool autoSaveScene = true;
    private bool showMessage = true;
    private bool isStarted = false;
    private int intervalScene;
    private DateTime lastSaveTimeScene = DateTime.Now;
    private string projectPath = Application.dataPath;
    private string scenePath;
    [MenuItem ("Window/AutoSave")]
    static void Init () {
        AutoSave saveWindow = (AutoSave)EditorWindow.GetWindow (typeof (AutoSave));
    void OnGUI () {
        GUILayout.Label ("Info:", EditorStyles.boldLabel);
        EditorGUILayout.LabelField ("Saving to:", ""+projectPath);
        EditorGUILayout.LabelField ("Saving scene:", ""+scenePath);
        GUILayout.Label ("Options:", EditorStyles.boldLabel);
        autoSaveScene = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup ("Auto save", autoSaveScene);
        intervalScene = EditorGUILayout.IntSlider ("Interval (minutes)", intervalScene, 1, 10);
        if(isStarted) {
            EditorGUILayout.LabelField ("Last save:", ""+lastSaveTimeScene);
        showMessage = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup ("Show Message", showMessage);
        EditorGUILayout.EndToggleGroup ();
    void Update(){
        scenePath = EditorApplication.currentScene;
        if(autoSaveScene) {
            if(DateTime.Now.Minute >= (lastSaveTimeScene.Minute+intervalScene) || DateTime.Now.Minute == 59 && DateTime.Now.Second == 59){
        } else {
            isStarted = false;
    void saveScene() {
        lastSaveTimeScene = DateTime.Now;
        isStarted = true;
            Debug.Log("AutoSave saved: "+scenePath+" on "+lastSaveTimeScene);
        AutoSave repaintSaveWindow = (AutoSave)EditorWindow.GetWindow (typeof (AutoSave));

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