Trigger workflow only on pull request MERGE

 2 years ago
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Trigger workflow only on pull request MERGE

I saw many posts about people asking if there is a way to trigger the workflow only on MERGE, which to me seems the most useful. However I did not see any answer, so I would like to find a solution.

At the moment I am stuck with:

    types: [closed]

Which is not ideal, as it would trigger the entire process even if I dismiss or close the PR without merging and I cannot see any reason on why this should happen.

I saw also: 

github.event.pull_request.merged == true

but as my understanding this would run only for a particular action not on the entire workflow.

So my question is: how can I trigger a workflow only on pull_request merge?


There’s no way to specify that a workflow should be triggered when a pull request is merged. However, because a merged pull request always results in a push, you can use the push event to accomplish your goal. For example, let’s say that you want to run a workflow whenever a pull request is merged …

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