Trump’s Pardons Make the Unimaginable Real

 3 years ago
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Trump’s Pardons Make the Unimaginable Real

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It’s very telling that the author does not mention the Clinton nor the Obama pardons. I detect more than just a little bias here. I doubt this story would have ever been written about Democrat pardons. Bottomline, stop screwing around with the…...
An entirely new framework needs to be established for presidential pardons. In addition to what could be proposed, pardons should be disallowed if they are made after the presidential election. In this way at least the President would be held…...
What crime has Trump committed that needs a pardon? Please name the crime.
A huge number of words about Republican pardons…. And not one mention of the Democrats darling Bill Clinton pardoning Marc Rich…. Why not? Are you only a partisan academic?
We hate Trump, all the more because after four years of trying to find crimes he's guilty of, he keeps coming up clean and the egg drips down our faces once again.
But maybe there are crimes we haven't thought of. Ones he's worried are about to come…...
Thank you for such a well reserached and interesteing perspective.
The author claims without evidence that Trump and his presidency have been corrupt.
Would this be a bad time to mention that this ISN’T Nixon? That sentence wipes out 85% of this feckless essay.
It’s like a disease with liberals. Close your eyes, think of the biggest meanie you can (like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz or…...
A presidential pardon means that you are actually guilty of an act.
Hence should be framed as such.
If you are innocent there is no necessity of a pardon.
The recipient of a pardon should be shamed and be denigrated not to be admired.
I wonder what the left will do once he is out of office.... I mean, the left loves to whine and complain about Trump. It’s all they did or 4 years. I am curious if they will take aim at the nonsense we will get with Biden or will they ignore the…...

Trump’s Pardons Make the Unimaginable Real

He may now attempt what no one thought a president would ever try

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Photo: Library of Congress / Corbis / Getty / T​he New York Times / Redux / The Atlantic

By Tim Naftali

Yesterday evening, President Donald Trump issued 15 pardons and five commutations, including two for individuals found guilty of charges arising from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. He is reportedly considering a raft of other…

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