Last week's Product Improvements (July 15th, 2019)

 1 year ago
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While America is out looking at the fireworks and parts of Europe are starting with their summer holidays, we haven’t been sitting idle. Here are the improvements we shipped in the last week and a half that might have gone unnoticed.

Search our documentation

Over time we have written extensive documentation about our product and integrations. As we scaled the haystack, the needles became harder to find without a search function.

This has changed. Our documentation search now quickly finds answers to your questions.

If you feel that we haven’t written about a particular part of the app that you want to know more of? Please let us know! Pull requests will be rewarded with stroopwafels!

Custom Metrics are so amazing now, so we took the beta label off

We think Custom Metrics is one of the most powerful features of AppSignal, and to make sure it is rock solid we have been tweaking on it for the last couple of months.

Recently we added the Magic Dashboards, which made custom metrics more accessible. We think this is pretty amazing because we aim to have an effortless setup as well be very expandable.

Now that a large percentage of the developers using us are happy with Custom Metrics, we feel that it is time to take that “beta” label off.

Release of ruby gem version 2.9.10

This release is about fixing a bug with Puma. We recently noticed that when you run your Puma instance with the config value daemonize: true our agent wasn’t starting, and thus not collecting samples. With version “2.9.10” this issue has been fixed, and you can run Puma in Daemonized mode again.

Release of Elixir package version 1.10.9

Our Elixir package supported parameter blacklisting from the first version, but sometimes you want to be more in control of which parameters you send our way. To make this possible Philip proposed a patch that allows users to whitelist parameters using the {:keep, params} structure. Thank you Philip for this patch!

Let us know what you’d like us to add (or what you love about AppSignal). Every conversation makes it clearer for us how to help you with Amazing Insights. And we’ll reward pull requests with stroopwafels and eternal gratitude.

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