Drupal - Hosting Drupal for Multiple Users

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Drupal - Hosting Drupal for Multiple Users

Jun 10, 2002

Drupal : Hosting Drupal for Multiple Users Last updated: 6/16/2002; 10:22:16 AM   The FuzzyBlog!

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Drupal : Hosting Drupal for Multiple Users


It's a CVS & Linux & MySQL thing.  Harder than Radio in some ways, easier in others (if you are experienced).  Average install time is now less than 5 minutes.  No I didn't leave off a 0.  5 minutes.  I've done it a few times so allow yourself 20 minutes or so.

Changing the Default URL I Used

(If you aren't a *nix user then ignore this section and move onto the next since your admin will have done it for you already)

I installed this drupal site into:


I then went into the Drupal directory and moved all the *.php files up one directory so his url is now:


And I used ln -s to make symbolic links to each of the directories below the drupal directory.  This means I don't have to modify the source at all.

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