Banish robocalls and spammers for free with CallApp (Sponsored)

 2 years ago
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Banish robocalls and spammers for free with CallApp (Sponsored)
Banish robocalls and spammers for free with CallApp (Sponsored)

This story was originally published 2020/12/16
7:54am PSTon Dec 16, 2020 and last updated 2020/12/19
9:02am PST19 hours ago. 

Despite the government's best attempts to rein in illegal robocalls and other telephone-related scams, such security threats have been an ongoing issue for anyone within reach of a phone. Luckily, developers like our friends behind CallApp have made it simple to identify and block these calls from reaching your device, all while offering a phone app experience you won't find in a stock application.

CallApp is a free caller identification, call blocking, and call recording solution for Android. It comes equipped with what its developer calls the "most advanced caller and communication ID on the market," allowing users to block or blacklist spammers, scammers, telemarketers, and robocalls with ease. CallApp also uses caller ID anti-spoofing technology to ensure that the number you see on your screen is the actual number that's trying to reach you.

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CallApp goes beyond being just a call app, though. For starters, you can set it to automatically record your conversations, making it a great tool for archiving important discussions. It also comes packed with unique AI tools for increasing productivity, including personalized call reminders and smart notes about the calls you receive. It allows you to personalize your app experience by setting video ringtones, as well as visual skins and themes that change the look and feel of the app to match your unique style. You can even glean detailed stats and insights about your call history, such as the total number of recent calls you've received, how many incoming/outgoing calls you've had, and more.

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Sounds pretty great, right? Don't take our word for it. CallApp is currently enjoyed by more than 100 million active users across 22 different languages worldwide. It's earned itself an admirable 4.1-star rating from nearly 700,000 reviews. CallApp was even recently featured on the front page of the Google Play Store, a spot commonly reserved for only the best Android apps available.


You can download CallApp for free from the Google Play Store today; note that it includes ads and in-app purchases. If you'd like to get rid of those ads, plus pile on some additional perks — like access to unlimited personalized video ringtones with your own videos, and advanced personalized data insights — you can upgrade to CallApp Premium for only $1.99 a month. To learn more about CallApp, check out the app listing on the Play Store and the official CallApp website now.

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