Adobe AIR Launch Poster (by eboy)

 3 years ago
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Adobe AIR Launch Poster (by eboy)

Monday, February 25, 2008

eboy has posted an image of the Adobe AIR 1.0 Launch poster which they created for Adobe.

Eboy also designed the launch tshirt which you can find here.

I think these are the coolest pieces of schwag that we have ever done, and it was really cool getting to work with a group as talented (and cool) as eboy.

So, how do you get a shirt or poster? Well, they are limited edition, so it is not going to be easy. You can either attend one of the Adobe user group launch events or grab one at FITC Amsterdam (where we are giving them away). Other than that, the only way to get them is to attend one of the free on AIR Tour events in Europe, where we will be giving a couple away at each stop.

I will post an image of the actual poster later today (and update this post).

You can find more info on eboy here.

You can find more info on Adobe AIR here.

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