How to Use Pinterest Marketing to Boost Your Sales

 3 years ago
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How to Use Pinterest Marketing to Boost Your Sales

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Pinterest is one of the most powerful marketing platforms that can quickly attract traffic and boost businesses’ sales. Unlike other marketing channels, Pinterest is a visual discovery platform with brilliant audience engagements.

70% of the pinners use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy. That’s because it helps them discover what’s trending.

So, if used wisely, it can help you gain quick leads, eventually turning them into sales. But simply creating high-quality content isn’t enough. If you really want to use Pinterest to boost your sales, you need to know how to use it smartly to get results.

Here are a few tips to show you how to use Pinterest marketing to boost your sales.

1. Always Use High-Quality Pins

One of the most important ways of Pinterest marketing is to use high-quality pins.

When you post visually attractive pins consistently, it becomes easier for you to increase your visibility. That’s because Pinterest moves the highest quality pins to the top of the queue. It will then stay there as long as it continues to receive quality interactions or repins.

So try to make your pins as appealing as possible. Using high-quality and professional images can do the trick. Make your images tall and vertical.

You also need to be mindful of your image ratio. The ideal ratio of these pins should be 2:3 to 1:3.5. It’s also a good idea to add texts to your images. But while doing so, don’t go overboard with your words. It’s important for your audience to be able to read your texts while seeing your image. So take care of that.

2. Add the Pin it Button

In order to boost your sales, you first need to have good brand exposure. And in any marketing platform, that can happen only when your content gets shared.

In Pinterest, the Pin it button acts like the share button on Facebook or the retweet button on Twitter.

So adding this button to the content on your website is one thing that you can’t forget while marketing your business on Pinterest.  Forgetting to add it would mean a waste of your time and marketing efforts. The Pin it button makes your content easily shareable.

Rather than copying the entire URL of a certain pin and then sharing it with their followers, your audience can now simply click on the Pin it button to share your content.

When your followers repin your content, it starts appearing in their follower’s feed too. This means it will increase your visibility, and you’ll start gaining quick exposure making your business more easily discoverable.

Once people discover your business, they can easily explore it to find more about your products and services that they might want to buy.

3. Embed Pinterest Pins on Your Website

Another great way of gaining exposure and boosting your sales through Pinterest is to embed your pins on your website. By doing so, you can let your audience repin your pins right from your website by clicking on the Pin it button of the embedded pin.

They can also check out the enlarged version of the pin if they want. The details of the board and the pinner is also available at the bottom of the embedded pin. Integrating your pins on your website can have several advantages.

First, when visitors click on the pin to view the bigger version of the pin, it will automatically boost your website’s engagement. More engagement means a lesser bounce rate, which is a critical factor for better search rankings.

Besides, if people like your pins, they might as well consider repinning them. This will again increase brand exposure, which can help in boosting your sales.

4. Optimize Your Pinterest Account

Many marketers use Pinterest marketing without properly optimizing their accounts for SEO. Doing this will result in an incomplete marketing campaign that will never help you reach your conversion goals.

So make sure you optimize your Pinterest account for SEO before you start marketing your business. There are several ways of doing that.

First, you need to optimize your company’s username. Pinterest lets you create your own business URL. By reflecting your company name in the URL, you make your brand name more memorable for your audience. So go ahead and check if your company name is available. If yes, take it right away.

Secondly, give people a way to land into your business website. Most marketers use Pinterest to attract traffic to their website. It’s a great way of getting clicks in your sales funnel and boosting sales if you have an eCommerce website. So make sure to include your product links every time you pin about your products. This will help your audience trace you back easily. They can then explore your site more and possibly buy your other products too.

Thirdly, make use of words to describe the images in your pins. Pinterest lets you use up to 500 characters to comment on your pins. Make good use of these characters and include words and phrases that you want to be searched for. This will help Google identify your pins better, making them visible in people’s search results. You should also use up to 3 hashtags to increase your visibility.

Fourthly, make sure to include your company keywords in the About section of your Pinterest business account. Also, explain in brief what you do as a company. This will make you appear in more relevant searches.

We all know the power of social media in the marketing world. Pinterest currently is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

If used efficiently, it can help you drive more sales than you can get through Facebook. According to Neil Patel, Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%

With so much potential, Pinterest becomes one of the major marketing tools for businesses to gain quick exposure and achieve their conversion goals. But without a proper strategy achieving these goals isn’t that easy. So use the above tips to use Pinterest marketing and make the best out of it.

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