A Hand-Made Celestial Series From Julia Dreams: New Star Collection

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A Hand-Made Celestial Series From Julia Dreams: New Star Collection

December 14, 2020


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Julia Dreams is an online storefront and marketplace owned by a graphic designer and illustrator whose love for whimsy and experimentation drives every new addition to her portfolio.

As an artist and maker, Julia incorporates a variety of materials and media in her handcrafted work, using painterly techniques with a strong emphasis on watercolor. Digitizing her work for graphic design use, her illustrations and graphic collections carry an organic yet feminine visual aesthetic. At times elaborate and ornate, some of Julia’s work takes a more minimalist approach and the complete range of her collections offers something for every graphic designer.

Julia established Julia Dreams during her final year of university while pursuing a graphic design degree. She happened upon an online store that sold digital illustrations and thought that perhaps she could try to sell her own in a similar manner. She named her own brand, Julia Dreams, after the Pink Floyd B-side track by the same name, and the rest was history.


In addition to illustrations and graphic collections, Julia Dreams offers a variety of gift wrap, wallpaper, and fabric designs. Her work tends to feature organic elements with a floral spin —but the entire natural world (and beyond) is a constant source of inspiration.

One of Julia Dreams’ most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is New Star Collection, an absolutely stunning collection of geometric elements, textures, modern shapes, patterns, and so much more. New Star Collection is a contemporary series of pre-made elements that can be used on their own or mixed-and-matched to create gorgeous layouts with ease.

The sun, moon, and stars are the headliners in this collection, although image forms that speak to infinity play a “starring” role, as well. New Star Collection is a one-stop product that offers a variety of hand-painted graphic assets that are perfect for everything from wedding invitations to greeting cards, stationery, postcards, product packaging, logos, marketing materials, posters, print and digital publishing, labels, tags, gift wrap and bags, decor projects, and even social media imagery.


New Star Collection contains 229 files in total, including five texture illustrations in .jpg format, four seamless patterns in .jpg format, and nine social media images in .jpg format. Additionally, it includes 73 individual elements in .ai, .eps, and textured .png with transparent backgrounds, along with 24 plain forms and 10 sun variants in the same file types.

New Star Collection also offers four photo frames and five line frames in .ai, .eps, and transparent background .png format, along with 13 compositions in .ai, .eps, and textured .png with transparent backgrounds.

The elements in this collection are offered at high resolution (3600×3600 px), making them ideal for both print and digital design projects.

Julia Dreams currently offers more than 95 products through YouWorkForThem, providing an extensive array of handcrafted wares in an incredibly wide variety of styles and themes. Visit her portfolio to take a look at the rest of her work and bookmark it so you can check back for new additions in the future!

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