Thirsty Soft: Warm Vintage Appeal in a Classic Cursive Script

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Thirsty Soft: Warm Vintage Appeal in a Classic Cursive Script

December 16, 2020


Yellow Design Studio is one of the most notable sources of vintage-style typography available on YouWorkForThem. Their designs have been licensed by many international brands over the years, including Dr Pepper, Corona, Modelo, and Yuengling, just to name a few.

What began as a print and web design business in 2004 eventually shifted toward a collaborative studio established, owned, and operated by Ryan and Rena Martinson. Yellow Design Studio features the fine artwork crafted by Rena and type designs drawn by Ryan’s hand.

Ryan is a self-taught type designer who has taken the studio’s font offerings to consistently new heights with every release. Before exploring the field of type design, Ryan got his start working as a graphic designer. During that time – as so many designers do – he found an affinity for the finer details of the fonts he’d use in his own projects and it took him down an entirely new career path.

Yellow Design Studio favors a strong vintage aesthetic, with distressed and weathered lettering that’s steeped in the nostalgia of days long since passed. Ryan finds that textured type designs have more character and depth, although many of Yellow Design Studio’s type families are available in varying degrees of distressing (including none at all) to satisfy the needs of every graphic designer.

To achieve the most authentic results in his texturing, Ryan incorporated a mix of deep research and extensive experimentation, studying antique printing examples and books while working with real-world materials like rollers and rubber stamps. While he began with analog tools in the early days, time and experience would take his process completely digital, with Photoshop being his primary method of creating texture in his fonts.

While the right texture is certainly important usability and versatility always remain at the forefront of any new type design project Ryan takes on. To that end, additional features through OpenType and a variety of texturing options are a vital component to any type family he creates.

One of our favorite products from Yellow Design Studio is Thirsty Soft, a “warm and extra-vintage” version of its older sibling and predecessor, Thirsty Script. 

This “smooth as butter” type family carries notes that are similar to the original’s “new meets vintage vibe,” but Thirsty Soft loses some of those sharper details in favor of a more rounded presentation and a warmer tone. The result is a beautiful connective cursive script family with an even stronger vintage aesthetic – one that’s time-worn but well-loved.

Thirst Soft is available in Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extrabold, and Black for incredible versatility. It’s a gorgeous choice for product packaging — particularly natural or organic beverages and foods — logos, branding, identity, merchandise, apparel, marketing materials, website designs, mobile applications, labels, tags, greeting cards and stationery, and even social media imagery.

Thirsty Soft offers additional flexibility through OpenType, providing standard ligatures, oldstyle figures, scientific inferiors, superscript, stylistic alternates, and swash. It extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Central European, and Pan African Latin languages for design projects intended for a global audience.

Yellow Design Studio advised that when using this font family in Photoshop, setting the anti-aliasing setting to “smooth” may yield the best results.

Yellow Design Studio currently offers 28 products through YouWorkForThem, providing a range of both vintage and more modern type families. Visit their portfolio to take a look at the rest of their products and bookmark it so you’ll always have it close at hand for your future projects!

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