25+ Best Free Consulting PowerPoint PPT Templates for 2021

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25+ Best Free Consulting PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Are you a consultant who needs to make presentations to current and future clients? Try one of these modern consulting PowerPoint templates to impress your clients.

Business Consulting Powerpoint Template
Business Consulting PowerPoint Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

A perfect pre-built template is one that:

  • has useful features
  • is professionally designed
  • fits your requirements
  • represents your brand well
  • most importantly, it calls out to you

The right template will help you work smart. It puts you on the path to create an excellent presentation without spending too long on it.

Check out premium consulting PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and premium consulting presentation PPT templates from GraphicRiver. These two platforms give you a good idea of what you'll get when you go premium.

This article also showcases 25+ free consulting PowerPoint templates found online. Browse through all these choices before you pick the best template for your needs. 

Let's dive right in and find the best pre-built consulting PPT template to represent your brand.

The Best Consulting PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2020/2021 (Unlimited Use)

Get premium consulting PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements. By leaving the heavy lifting to the experts and subscribing to Envato Elements, you'll bring your marketing activities to the next level. It's a marketing investment that'll immediately help your consulting business. Work around your skillset to create modern and professional marketing projects with the help of Envato Elements. 

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them

Envato Elements has a simple offer—enjoy unlimited access to millions of digital assets like photos, graphics, audios, videos, music, templates, etc., all for an affordable monthly fee. 

Premium Consulting PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements

Are you tempted to use free consultant presentation templates found online? Identify the difference between premium and free templates before you make any decision. The general issues that come with free templates like: 

  • not unique because it's accessible to many
  • limited features as most of them are only background images
  • outdated designs

Would you like to try them out before signing up for Envato Elements? Explore the selection of premium consulting presentation PPT templates from GraphicRiver. Buy and download a template on their pay-per-download model. You'll find some inspiration in the following section. 

5 Top Premium Consulting PowerPoint Templates for 2020/2021 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

There are loads of premium consulting PPT templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Let's explore five top options that'll help you create the best possible presentation: 


1. Victora - Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

Victora comes with 30 unique creative slides. It's available in light and dark versions.

Customize this template quickly by adding your images to the picture placeholders. All graphics are resizable and easily editable. All design elements are taken care of by experts. This allows you to create an impressive presentation in minutes.

2. Brand - Consulting Presentation PPT Template

This red-themed consulting PPT template comes with free fonts, editable charts, and picture placeholders. The consulting slides can be easily and fully customized to suit your brand identity as well as presentation topics. Use these 37 unique and professional slides to represent your consulting company to future clients. 

3. Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

This is a high-quality, clean, and minimalistic consulting template. It comes with over 60 unique slides and there are eight different color files to pick from. It's an excellent template to help you present your consulting business and impress stakeholders. 

4. Mono Business Consultant PowerPoint Presentation Template Fully Animated

Mono helps you work smart and create a modern presentation in minutes. This template comes with:

  • 90 unique modern slides
  • 11 color schemes
  • background options
  • handmade infographics
  • section breaks
  • and animated slides
  • option of widescreen (16:9) and standard screen (4:3)

5. Consulting - Modern Business PowerPoint Template 2020

This template has loads of professional features that are handy for any presentation your consulting business may have. The features offered are: 

  • over 339 unique modern and clean slides
  • seven themes to pick from
  • drag and drop images
  • fully animated
  • all elements are easily editable and customizable
  • loads of infographics and vector icons to use

25 Top Free Consulting PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2020/2021

Try out some premium creative assets (not only consulting PPT slides) at zero cost to you. Check out Envato's free offerings. You may be in luck, and what you're looking for maybe in this month's free offerings!

Here's the deal: 

What happens if you can't go premium and a consulting PPT slide template isn't among this month's offer? Consulting PPT templates free to download from the web are your next option. 

Let's take a look at 25 free consulting slide templates found online:  

1. Free Small Business Consulting Template. This template features blue and purple gradient colors. It also comes with image and text placeholders. 

2. Free Strategy Consultant PowerPoint Template comes with an image of a man and woman showing two different modes of sharing knowledge on strategy. 

3. Room - Consulting Presentation Templates PPT Free. This template has an image of a clinical consulting room equipped with medical tools and a chair.

4. Safety Consulting PPT Templates Free Download. This template is structured like a sales pitch. It's safety and construction themed, so there are suitable visuals like machinery, hard hats, and employees. 

5. Analysis - Free Consulting Presentation Format PPTThis template comes with slides that include infographics. The main slide is of a person in a suit using a futuristic touch screen. 

6. Customer Service - Free Consultant PowerPoint Template. This is a free abstract illustration background. It's an image of a person talking on a headphone. 

7. Technology Pixel - Consulting Presentation Templates PPT Free. This is a multipurpose technology-themed template that comes with techy pixel patterns.

8. Photographic - Consulting PPT Templates Free Download. This template comes with images of buildings in the background. It also uses rounded text boxes and elements. 

9. William - Free Consulting Presentation Format PPT. William is an abstract template. It comes in black, white, and orange. 

10. Ulysses - Free Consulting Proposal Template PPT. This template comes with a simple and clean layout. Background colors are orange and white with black fonts. 

11. Quince - Consulting Presentation Templates PPT Free. Quince comes with a white background. A graph like design in blue and green is used on the main slide and inner slides.

12. Imogen - Consulting PPT Templates Free Download uses a navy blue background. It's got contrasting green and blue elements.

13. Escalus - Free Consulting Presentation Format PPT. Escalus comes with a white background and abstract designs. These designs are in four different shades of green.

14. Free Healthcare Consulting Presentation Template is a blue-themed template. The background is navy blue, and all elements are in three lighter shades of blue. 

15.  Data Science  Consulting Presentation Templates PPT Free. This template looks futuristic. The title typography feels techy, and the background design looks like flying pixels.

16. SEO Consulting PPT Templates Free Download comes with a purple to blue gradient background. It's got abstract triangular shapes of different styles. 

17. HR - Free Consulting Proposal Template PPT uses peach-orange and white on its slides. It's got formal typography and geometric shapes.

18. Insurance - Free Consulting Presentation Format PPT takes a more creative approach. It uses flat illustrations and wavy abstract shapes on the backgrounds. 

19. Environmental - Free Consulting Proposal Template PPT uses light blue, white, and light green. There are also environmental-related illustrations.

20. Free Management Consulting Slides is a minimalistic template in black, gray, and white. The title uses humanist sans, and body text uses grotesque typeface. 

21. Free Law Consulting Sales Pitch Presentation uses all kinds of flat-style rectangles, triangles, squares, and circles in blue, yellow, and cream. 

22. Free Norrell Consulting Proposal Template PPT comes with many human illustrations. The slides come in blue and red tones. 

23. Free Restaurant Consulting Slides. This template's background is peach orange. There are line illustrations of food.

24. Free Tax Consulting Presentation uses white, light blue, and yellow. It's got simple geometric shapes in the background.

25. Free Communication Consultant Presentation Slides come in yellow and white. Geometric shapes like squares and rectangles are used on most of the slides.

5 Quick PowerPoint Consulting Presentation Design Tips for 2020/2021

Now that you've picked your PowerPoint template, it's time to make the most of it and create the best possible presentation. Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Create a Presentation With Your Audience in Mind

Who is your audience? And what's the best way to present to them? Your presentation needs to resonate well with them.

Pick a template, color scheme, visuals, and other elements that you think will appeal to them. Do this without losing sight of your brand identity. 

FINCASH - Finance & Consulting PowerPoint Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

An Envato Elements subscription allows you to pick graphics, photos, and other creative assets for every occasion. 

2. Use Plenty of Images and Infographics

A wordy presentation becomes dull quickly. Turn facts and figures into infographics so your audience can better understand and follow your presentation.

Use images to get a message across or to paint a picture of what you've got in mind. These visuals also play an essential role in the overall esthetics of your presentation. 

3. Keep It Minimal

Take a minimalistic approach to your slides. Avoid clutter! Busy or cluttered slides are distracting and make it hard to follow.

ACORD Consultant PowerPoint Template, a minimalistic template on Envato Elements

Here are a few tips for creating and maintaining a minimalistic presentation:

  • start with a minimalistic template
  • use more visuals and lesser text
  • use large images and text
  • not too many elements and colors on each slide
  • use animation and transitions tastefully and sparingly

4. Go for Contrast

Consulting Brand Presentation, a premium template on Envato Elements uses contrast well.

Experts take care of all design elements (including contrast) when you go premium. All you'd need to do is add your content, make minor changes, and you're all set to present.

This isn't the case if you're using a free template from the web. You'd need to do more customization. The article below will come in handy at this point:

5. Cut Distractions

You want your audience to pay attention and be able to follow your presentation without getting distracted. Here are a few ways to create presentation slides that aren't distracting: 

  • use animation and transitions sparingly
  • keep slides minimal and use plenty of white space
  • use audio and videos sparingly
  • use modern templates that have good alignments and are easy to read

Check out this tutorial to know how to align objects in PowerPoint:

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Haven't found the consulting proposal PPT template you've got in mind? Here are more top PowerPoint templates. They're perfect for any business pitch or proposal:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020/2021

How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) is a vast compilation of PPT how-tos. Pin it to your favorite on your browser and use it as a quick reference. It helps you stay away from online searches that can distract you from the task at hand. 

Here are three PPT how-to tutorials from this guide:

Grab a Premium Consulting PowerPoint Template Today!

Start your search by looking for premium PowerPoint consulting slides on Envato Elements. A monthly subscription to Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to millions of premium creative assets, including PPT templates. Leave the tedious design tasks to experts and improve the standard of your projects within minutes. 

Maybe you're not a heavy user of creative assets. Or maybe you just need a single PPT template for a presentation? Head over to GraphicRiver and explore the collection of premium consulting proposal templates for PPT. Buy and download a template on GraphicRiver's simple pay-per-download model. 

Premium templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver are modern and well-designed. What if you're working on a limited budget? Check out the 25 top free consulting PPT templates in this article. Use a premium or free pre-built template to help you save time and avoid starting from scratch. 

Start working on your presentation with a premium consulting PPT template. Download one now!

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