Die URI.parse Die; Long Live the Zen of Addressable

 3 years ago
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Die URI.parse Die; Long Live the Zen of Addressable

May 12, 2020


URI.parse is a Ruby call I've written a thousand plus times. The unfortunate reality of URI.parse is that it doesn't work when there are UTF-8 characters in the url. The work around is the addressable gem. So:


gem "addressable"

Example Usage

require 'addressable/uri'
url = 'http://www.example.com/wp content/uploads/2012/01/München.jpg'
parts = Addressable::URI.parse(url)


  • [Stack Overflow] (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9082732/how-can-i-extract-a-url-with-non-english-characters-from-a-string)
  • Home Page


I can't even think about URL parsing in Ruby / Elixir / JavaScript without mentioning Gamache's FuzzyUrl library. Highly, highly recommenderd.

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