C++20 books

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C++20 books

Posted on August 27, 2020September 16, 2020 by Marius Bancila

The C++20 standard is complete and is supposed to be published later this year after the voting of the final draft takes place. However, there are books already with C++20 content. In this blog post I present a list of them.

The C++ Standard LibraryThe C++ Standard Library, 3rd editionRainer Grimm
Rainer is an author, consultant, software architect, and instructor that writes a lot about C++ and everything that is new to the language. This book is a reference to the C++ standard library updated with the new features from C++20.

C++ Lambda StoryC++ Lambda StoryBartłomiej Filipek
Bartłomiej is a software developer and Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies that writes with passion about the programming in C++. This C++ Lambda Story book will help you understand how lambdas evolved, learn how they work and see how to use them in your code efficiently. The book presents the evolution of lambda expressions from C++11 to C++20. From this book you will learn what C++20 brings new related to lambdas, such as template lambdas and how to use them with concepts and constexpr algorithms.

Modern C++ Programming Cookbook - Second EditionThe Modern C++ Programming CookbookMarius Bancila
This is the second edition of my book that is organized in the form of practical recipes covering a wide range of problems faced by C++ developers. This 2nd edition comes with 30 new or updated recipes for C++20. In these recipes, I discuss core language features including modules, concepts, coroutines, immediate functions, the three-way comparison operator, lambda changes, attributes, as well as new standard library features such as ranges, the text formatting library, the chrono date library, the thread support library and atomic operations, bit manipulation utilities, std::span, and more.

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