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 2 years ago
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Remove the "Google" from Gboard space bar

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Remove the "Google" from Gboard space bar 4 Recommended Answers 355 Replies

Edit: To anyone who still needs help, I got the "Google" to go away by changing around the options on my suggestion bar. Turns out it can go away. Don't know if it's just a temporary fix or not, or if it'll work for every user.

For some reason, the layout of Gboard on my phone just randomly changed. There usually isn't "Google" across the spacebar, and the little arrow on the suggestion bar is usually the search function. Not for emojis but for searching up things on Google via the keyboard. I don't know there's been an update, but how do I put the search area back where the arrow is, and remove the "Google" from the space bar. I already have search enabled but it doesn't seem to bring back the browser search feature. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well.

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