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 3 years ago
source link: https://github.com/regnerisch/sets
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A simple library for typesafe PHP arrays


Just run composer require regnerisch/sets


Set types

You can use one of the predefined set types:

$set = new Set([[], [], []], new ArrayType());
$set = new Set([true, false, false], new BoolType());
$set = new Set([[], [], []], new DetectTypeType());
$set = new Set([1.1, 2.2, 3.3], new FloatType());
$set = new Set([1, 2, 3], new IntegerType());
$set = new Set([new Car(), new Ship(), new Plane()], new InstanceType(Transport::class));
$set = new Set(['A', 1, 1.1], new MixedType());
$set = new Set(['A', 'B', 'C'], new StringType());
$set = new Set([new MyItem('A'), new MyItem('B')], new TypeType(MyItem::class));

If you pass a wrong value, a TypeError will be thrown. When using DetectTypeType the allowed type will be detected automatically from the first value. All following types must match this requirement.

$set->chunk($size) // same as array_chunk
$set->diff($set1, $set2) // same as array_diff
$set->each($callable) // same as array_map
$set->filter($callable) // same as array_filter
$set->first() // returns first value of set
$set->get(4) // get value with index 4
$set->has('A') // check whether a value exists
$set->implode($glue) // same as implode
$set->intersect($set1, $set2) // same as array_intersect
$set->last() // returns last value of set
$set->pad($size, $defaultValue) // same as array_pad
$set->push($value) // same as array_push
$set->pop() // same as array_pop
$set->reduce($callable, $initial) // same as array_reduce
$set->reverse() // same as array_reverse
$set->search($value) // same as array_search
$set->shift() // same as array_shift
$set->slice($offset, $length) // same as array_slice
$set->sort($callable) // same as usort
$set->splice($offset, $length, $replacement) // same as array_splice
$set->shuffle() // same as shuffle
$set->unique() // same as array_unique
$set->walk($callable, $userdata) // same as array_walk

// Special functions

All methods are (if useful or possible) immutable.


To create your own SetType just implement TypeInterface interface.

class MySetType implements TypeInterface
    public function validate(iterable $values): bool
        foreach ($values as $value) {
            if ($value instanceof MyRestrictedClass::class) {
                throw new TypeError();

        return true;

This creates a SetType which only allows values from MyRestrictedClass class. You can than use it with Set:

new Set($arrayWithMyRestrictedClasses, new MySetType());


For running tests just clone the repository, than run composer install and composer tests.

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