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Community curated list of companies that use F#

This list has been made in collaboration with members of /r/fsharp

There are similar lists for companies that use the following functional languages:

  1. Haskell
  2. PureScript


If you see a company on the list that doesn't exist anymore, or does not use F# anymore, please send a pull request with an explanation. The same goes if you're currently working at, or know a company that uses F# but is not on the list. Please include the website, github (if applicable), locations, sector and whether the company allows developers to work remotely.

Many of these companies have some kind of F# development, but it is often in one or a few particular teams rather than company-wide.

When adding a new company, please keep the name in alphabetical order!


Some of these companies support remote hires. Where that information is available, it has been indicated in the Remote OK column below. Timezone and/or country restrictions might apply.


Name Location Sector Source Remote OK? 69 Grad Germany, Munich Software Blog Ok Amyris USA, CA, Emeryville Synthetic Biology Twitter

Arkadium USA, NY / Russia, Krasnodar Software Twitter

Bazinga Technologies Canada, Vancouver, BC Software Twitter

Binary Defense USA, OH, Akron Infosec/Endpoint Monitoring Twitter Ok (US only) BinaryGears Germany, Frankfurt Software GitHub Ok CN Group CZ Czech Republic, Prague Software Twitter, Website

Compositional IT United Kingdom, London Software GitHub

Copenhagen Software Denmark, Copenhagen / Lithuania, Vilnius Software Twitter Ok Cvent USA, VA, McLean Software Github

D-Edge Paris, France Hospitality Twitter

Danpower DE, Potsdam EnergySupply

Ok Datto UK, Amersham Software Twitter Ok Demetrix Emeryville, CA, USA Synthetic biology Github Ok DEX Imaging Tampa, FL, USA Office Equipment Twitter Ok Ekon Benefits USA, MO, Saint Louis Financial Github

Fronius Austria, Wels Electrical Equipment Website, Facebook

FundApps UK, London Software Stackshare

Genetec Canada, Montreal, Quebec Security Twitter

GreenPowerMonitor Spain, Barcelona Renewable Energy Github Ok G-Research UK, London Finance Twitter

Huddle UK, London Software Github

IDTechEx UK, Cambridge Market Research

IntelliFactory Hungary, Budapest Software Github

iVendi UK, Manchester Software Twitter OK (part time) Jet USA, NY, New Jerseys, Bangalore (India) E-commerce Github

Lambda Factory Remote Software & Consulting GitHub, Twitter Ok Locai Solutions Remote, U.S. eGrocery

Ok Masse USA, NY, New York eCommerce Twitter, Instagram

Microsoft Worldwide Software GitHub Ok Millenium Management USA, NY, New York Finance Job Posting

msu solutions GmbH Germany Software

NRK Norway, Oslo Media GitHub

Olo USA, NY, New York Restauration Github Ok Own Germany, Munich FinTech GitHub

Peano System Inc. Remote, based at Aichi, Japan Software GitHub JobPosting PeanoCurvesApp Ok Perpetuum UK, Southampton Railway Condition Monitoring

Pluralsight Utah, USA Software

Prodrive Technologies Netherlands, Son Manufacturing Job Posting No Property With Potential UK,London Software Stackshare

Quicken Loans USA, MI, Detroit FinTech

OK Robotmaster Canada, Montreal, Quebec Robotics ?

Safe Banking Systems (Part of Accuity) NYC, NY and Kennesaw, GA RiskTech Github No Serit IT Partner Tromsø Norway, Tromsø IT, Software GitHub Ok SfSync Ukraine, Lviv/Odesa Software (ISV) Facebook Ok (Europe only) Tachyus Houston, TX Oil & Gas GitHub

Tactics Belgium, Kapellen Software Website Ok (Europe only) The Secret Circle Solutions Ukraine, Kherson/Odesa Software development services Website, Facebook Ok (Europe only) The Trainline UK,London Software Stackshare

Trampoline Italy, Turin Software/IoT GitHub

Veepee France, Saint-Denis E-commerce Twitter

Wavecom Moscow, Russia Software Website Ok Wyatt Technology USA, CA, Santa Barbara Analytical Instruments

Ok (still-unnamed startup in stealth mode) around Hong Kong: Guangzhou,Macau,Shenzhen,Taiwan,etc CryptoCurrency HackerNews Ok

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