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 3 years ago
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Implementing Searching for MobileNetV3 paper using Pytorch

  • The current model is a very early model. will modify it as a general model as soon as possible.


  • Searching for MobileNetV3 paper
  • Author: Andrew Howard(Google Research), Mark Sandler(Google Research, Grace Chu(Google Research), Liang-Chieh Chen(Google Research), Bo Chen(Google Research), Mingxing Tan(Google Brain), Weijun Wang(Google Research), Yukun Zhu(Google Research), Ruoming Pang(Google Brain), Vijay Vasudevan(Google Brain), Quoc V. Le(Google Brain), Hartwig Adam(Google Research)


  • Experimental need for ImageNet dataset.
  • Code refactoring

MobileNetV3 Block



  • For CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 data, I experimented with resize (224, 224).

Datasets Model Accuracy Epoch Training Time Parameters CIFAR-100 MobileNetV3(LARGE) 64.64% 62 1h 56m 2.5M CIFAR-100 MobileNetV3(SMALL) 62.29% 86 2h 17m 1.2M IMAGENET WORK IN PROCESS


  • torch==1.0.1

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