Kick off developer projects with improved G Suite Developer Hub

 3 years ago
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Kick off developer projects with improved G Suite Developer Hub

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Source: Kick off developer projects with improved G Suite Developer Hub from Google Cloud

Since we first enabled scripting in Google Sheets in 2010, developers have been writing scripts and building app integrations to make work easier. From Apps Scripts projects, to integrating with our APIs, to building custom apps for your enterprise using App Maker, there’s no shortage of things you can do with theG Suite developer platform. With that in mind, we want to make it even easier for you to create, track and manage your developer projects. Starting today, the Apps Script dashboard will offer exciting new functionality under the new name the G Suite Developer Hub.


A single place to keep track of all the things

Whether you’re looking to create a new automation script, view shared projects or check on service statuses, the G Suite Developer Hub provides a single view of your projects. We first previewed the Hub at Google Cloud Next ‘18. Here’s what you can look forward to.

  • Get started quickly. The G Suite Developer Hub makes it a breeze for you to get started with your projects. If you’re looking to create add-ons for Docs, Sheets, Gmail, or even a Hangouts Chat bot via, you are just one click away from spinning up a pre-populated Apps Script project. The hub also makes it easy to build App Maker apps, offering easy access to a variety of templates that help jumpstart your development process.

  • View and manage triggers. One of the most popular ways that developers use Apps Script is to run automations based on specific triggers. Until now, you had to go into each script/project to create, view or manage the trigger conditions. The new hub changes that, making it easy to see triggers at a glance, create and modify them as you deem fit.

  • View and manage App Maker apps. App Maker is now fully supported in the G Suite Developer Hub project lists and project details page. 

  • See executions in real-time. You asked, we added it—the G Suite Developer Hub now lets you conveniently view script executions as they happen in real-time. No need to refresh your browser.


With the introduction of the G Suite Developer Hub, we are continuing our investment in enhancing the G Suite developer experience and hope that you are excited to try it out—simply navigate to script.google.com and fire away.

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