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 5 years ago
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How to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer?

“Make a revolutionary Blockchain app, 
by hiring a good Blockchain developer”

In this competitive world, digitalizing your business with Blockchain technology becomes a highly important one.  This unavoidable fact creates a huge demand for Blockchain developers all over the globe. Entrepreneurs who look forward to starting their Blockchain project, hires Blockchain developer without understanding their expertise and skill set.  Because of this people are unable to finish their project as they expect, and its results in a lot of useless expenses. 

So, before hiring a Blockchain developer, you must follow this quote, 

“Do not hire a developer who simply does their work. But, 

hire Blockchain developers who love their work”,

Also, remember All the glitters are not gold, you just have to understand not everyone who talks about Blockchain is a Blockchain developer, so better analyze whether a Blockchain developer is suitable for your job before hiring him. 

So let’s discuss, 

How to hire a good Blockchain developer?

1.    Analyze their skill set and how long they been in Blockchain business.

2.    Analyze their expertise and work projects.

3.    Analyze their workflow, or development process.

4.    Analyze whether they are fulfilled their roles and responsibilities in previous projects.

5.    Ensure whether they have gone through successful projects

You can decide a Blockchain developer is suitable for your business just by understanding their skill set, and their achievements.

Skill set should be,

1.    Should be experienced with large code databases.
2.    Should have proficient knowledge in any one of the programming C++, Java, Javascript.

3.    Expertise in data structures, and common algorithms (Acyclic graph, Hashtable,SHA,etc..).
4.    Should be familiar in basic cryptography(Encryption and decryption).
5.     Should be familiar in P2P networks.
6.    Should have strong knowledge of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and Blockchain . I.e) He/she should understand the Distributed ledger technology, immutability, consensus, crypto tokens, smart contracts, Dapps, sharding, private and public Blockchain technology.
7.    Should be efficient in safe multi-threaded code.
8.     Strong knowledge of STL, and C++11.
9.    The developer should know about the tools  required in building a Blockchain app. Some of them are,

i.     Composer
ii.    Explorer
iii.   Remix
iv.   Meta mask
v.    Etherscan
vi.   Mist
vii.  Caliper
viii. Bitcoin block explorer

The Roles and Responsibilities will be,

1.    To get involved in Blockchain community and implementing the latest development plans.
2.    Testing and utilizing, the  continuously evolving new tools.

3.    Should be responsible for integrating client - server-side applications and extending them with business core logic.
4.    Design, Develop, Test, and Deploy  Blockchain technologies

No need to struggle a lot, you can hire a good Blockchain developer in one place!!!

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

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Hire Blockchain Developers

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