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    Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML in Magento

    Learn from Florin how to allow users to log in once with their Magento credentials on all related applications of a shop with the help of SAML.

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    Don't sign a CLA

    A large minority of open-source projects come with a CLA, or Contributor License Agreement, and require you to sign one before they’ll merge your patch. These agreements typically ask you to go above and beyond the rights...

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    Posted by Parul Soi, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google Play Android is fortunate to have an incredibly rich ecosystem of SDKs and libraries to help developers build great apps more efficiently. These SDKs...

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    How (not) to sign a JSON object

    Last year we did a blog post on interservice auth. This post is mostly about authenticating consumers to an API. That’s a related but subtly different problem: you can probably impose more requirements on your internal use...

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    Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

    Sign in to GitHub Username or email address ...

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    Sign in with Apple now available for Firebase Auth ...

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    Sign In With Apple [SUBSCRIBER]

    Sign In With Apple Jan 14 2020 · Video Course (26 mins) · Intermediate SwiftUI allows developers to provide their users with a secure and private method of logging into their ap...

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    The fourth part of a series Sign in with Apple (And maybe the last part). This part is less related to us, iOS developer, let's explore it to see what we might need to do to support this on web and other platforms....

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    DIY Single Sign-On for SSH

    Your browser does not support the video tag. TL;DRIn this post we're going to set up Google single sign-on for SSH. Behind the scenes, we'll use OpenID Connect (OIDC), short-lived SSH certificates, a couple of clever...

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    Since April 2020, all apps that use a third-party or social login service are required to offer Sign in with Apple if they want to be accepted in the App Store. In a