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    Diving into Higher order functions and lambdas in Kotlin

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    • www.simplifiedcoding.net 4个月前
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    Higher Order Functions in Kotlin with Example

    Higher Order Functions in Kotlin with ExampleThis post is about Higher Order Functions in Kotlin.One of the cool thing about Kotlin is; it has support of functional programming as well. That means kotlin funct...

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    • www.xda-developers.com 3年前
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    Honor View 10 pre-order begins today in the US for $499

    The Honor View 10 will be on pre-sale in the US between March 12 and March 22, with shipments beginning March 22. It will be available for pre-order in Navy Blue and Midnight Black colors for $499 starting March 12 at Honor's website.

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    Pre-order Z-index

    Z-index is a small app for Mac and Windows which plays web videos on top of other apps.

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    Simple, correct, fast: in that order

    The single most important quality in a piece of software is simplicity. It’s more important than doing the task you set out to achieve. It’s more important than performance. The reason is straightforward: if your solution...

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    Improving Connectomics by an Order of Magnitude 2018-07-17

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    • 掘金 juejin.im 2年前
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    mysql order by 优化

    version : 5.7, from ORDER BY Optimization 本节描述MySQL何时可以使用索引来满足ORDER BY子句,当不能使用索引...

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    The Asus ZenFone 5Z, Asus' latest flagship, is heading to the U.S. next month. The 6.2-inch, notch-toting handset, can be pre-ordered now on Amazon now for $499.

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    Pre-order | Samsung Galaxy Note9

    Samsung Galaxy Note9 is available for pre-order today. Experience the most powerful battery performance yet, larger storage, and the first-ever Bluetooth®-enabled S Pen. Available with a special bundle promotion, get yours today with and withou...

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    In my daily experience I have come to notice programmers that have very different ideas on programming. In practice I’d usually recognize two hostile groups among programmers. One group would always be...