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    走过路过不要错过啊,中兴商业要约最后一天了,99.999999%全部收走 - 要约27900600,今天最后一天,截止今天才收到7990798,占比28%,要约人数才320户,现在玩要约的人都这么少了吗最后一天要约数量×3,差不多了99.999999999999999%全部收走上次师座说要提防这...

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    • minimalmodeling.substack.com 1周前
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    UNION ALL, pt. II: polymorphic data

    UNION ALL, pt. II: polymorphic dataIn the previous post we started discussing the UNION ALL operator, and some ideas around it, such as constant datas...

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    • www.tuicool.com 1年前
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    Pi4 dual display/4K and HEVC/H265 support

    info-beamer hosted is the world's first digital signage solution for the Pi4 with dual display support, 4K display support and now HEVC/H265 video decoding with a resolution of up to 4K. A world premiere for Digit...

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    What is WSL 2 WSL 2 is the new version of the architecture in WSL. This version comes with several changes that dictate how Linux distributions interact with Windows. With this release, you get increased...

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    • embeddedgo.github.io 10个月前
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    Playing with Go schedulers on a dual-core RISC-V

    You can port the Go runtime to a system that doesn’t implement threads. An example would be the current

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    • www.jpattonassociates.com 5个月前
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    Dual-track Stakeholder Review

    tl;dr: Your product team will need to keep its work visible to stakeholders outside the team. If your product team is doing both discovery and delivery, you’ll need to review both those things. If you’re new to dual-tracking, use...

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    • www.jpattonassociates.com 4个月前
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    Dual-track Team Review and Retrospective

    tl;dr: If you’re using a typical Agile process like Scrum or XP you’ll work in short 1-3 week Sprints or Iterations. You’ll finish each Sprint by reviewing the work you’ve done, and reflecting on how you could change the way you w...

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    • www.jpattonassociates.com 4个月前
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    Dual-track Daily Standup

    Dual-track Daily Standup by Jeff Patton | Articles ...

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    • devblogs.microsoft.com 4个月前
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    Dual-screen library update with Jetpack Window Manager

    Dual-screen library update with Jetpack Window ManagerAndreiDecember 10t...